One Man’s Obedience

We all know the story of Abraham our father and how God instructed him to make a life changing decision. God told him:

“Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land that I will show you” and the account tells us “so Abraham left as the Lord had told him.”

We often recount Abraham’s story when we talk about faith and obedience to HaShem’s instructions. Very few persons can barely begin to fathom being told to leave the security of country and family for the unknown. Abraham was not just going on a two-week vacation – he was walking away for good from life as he had known it.

The part of the story that resonates with my spirit every time is the far reaching impact of one man’s obedience. Abraham moved out in faith not knowing that his “yes” would bring a blessing to the entire world.

Today, both Jews and Gentiles have a rich inheritance because Abraham chose to believe God. His life teaches us many lessons:

1) Our obedience not only impact our lives, but generations to come.

2) Blessings are tied to obedience

3) Our faith requires action

4) Not everyone will understand why we do the things we do, and that’s ok

5) HaShem is faithful to do what He says He will do!

These are my thoughts; I would love to hear yours! What are the lessons that you have learnt from Abraham’s story? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!