Israel: A light unto the nations

My love for the land of Israel and the Jewish people is supernatural. I always believed that the Jewish people were chosen by God and that Israel was His land that He has given to them as an inheritance, but it was all head knowledge. This caused me to stoutly defend Israel in one of my Theology classes when my Lecturer said that the Jewish people were now replaced by the Church and the land of Israel was no longer important. It was the first time that I was coming face to face with Replacement Theology (at the time I didn’t even know it had a name) but I was shocked at hearing a fellow believer take this position when the Bible is replete with passages that say otherwise. Heart knowledge came later when the Holy Spirit began supernaturally drawing me to the Hebrew Scriptures, the Land and the Jewish people.

God chose Israel as His personal possession, His very own nation through which He would show forth His power and bless the other nations of he world. They were to be a moral, social and spiritual compass in a dark world. Through them, the world would learn about righteousness, justice and mercy as they walked in obedience to God’s commandments. In the book of Isaiah we read of Israel’s mission; that of being a light to the nations. (Isaiah 42:6, 60:3)

We know that Israel did not walk in obedience to God’s commandments. Their disobedience led to them losing their monarchy, experiencing the harsh realities of being ruled by foreign powers, the destruction of their temples and being taken into exile on more that one occasion. Actually, the fact that the Jewish people have survived many attempts at complete annihilation is a testament of God’s hand of protection at work.

In 70 AD Rome invaded and destroyed Jerusalem, the Jewish people were scattered to the nations of the earth. No one thought that Israel would have made a comeback until 1948 when something supernatural occurred. On May 14, 1948, Former Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion announced the establishment of the Jewish state and Israel took its place among the nations. God restored them as a nation just as it was written by the Prophet Isaiah. Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things? Shall a land be born in one day? Shall a nation be brought forth in one moment?” ( Isaiah 66:8)

Has Israel failed to be a light to the world?

While I am sure that many persons will not readily agree with me, Israel’s mission has not changed. The world has been gifted with both spiritual and natural blessings through Israel and the Jewish people. Foremost of all the blessings is Messiah Yeshua who is the Savior and Light of the world (John 8:12). Just as God had promised Abraham in Genesis 12, all the nations of the world have been blessed because now salvation is available to all who will believe.

Then there is Torah (all of Scripture). The apostle Paul tells us in Romans 3:2 that the Word of God was entrusted to the Jewish people. Without them, we would not have a revelation of God, for that is what the Bible is – a revelation of God and His plan for mankind. First of all, we would continue to hold to a pagan belief that there are many gods, but through Israel and His Torah we know that God is One. We know about His nature and His character and we know that He has an awesome plan of salvation and restoration for humanity. In addition, the Torah forms the foundation for the western legal system – just take a look at your Constitution.

Israel has made and continues to make remarkable contributions to the world through technological innovations and in the field of medicine and research; just to name a few. Israel has stepped in to offer aid and support to many countries around the world. Like any other nation, Israel is not perfect. However, I have learnt that perfection is not a requirement to be chosen or used by God. In Romans, the apostle Paul says the calling of God is irrevocable. Those without spiritual insight have missed it, but God is using the State of Israel and the Jewish people to show forth His power to every nation of the world.

Speaking last year at the nation’s 70th Anniversary, Israel’s Deputy Minister of Public Diplomacy and historian Michael Oren stated “Our economy has one of the most highest growth rates in the world. We have one of the most powerful armies in the world; we’re a world leader in technology and Israel is regularly listed as one of the seventh or eighth most powerful countries in the world.”* This he said is a “miracle” considering Israel’s history and I concur. God continues to reveal himself to the nations and powers of the world through Israel; a small country in the Middle East divinely protected by God, and her people.



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